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Agricultural Sector


Benefits of using a NCIWC:

An Example Of An Irrigation Installation:

Center pivots usually have to be replaced every 10 to 15 years due to corrosion. The prevention of scale accumulation within the system will extend the life and efficiency of the center pivot, piping and nozzles. Without treatment, irrigation using hard water delivers calcium carbonate to the crop in its calcite state which can form a coating on the roots and the leaves, like putting a coating of sunscreen on plant. This prohibits the plant from receiving the maximum benefit from the water, minerals, fertilizers and pesticides.

The use of ICIWC (swachh paani) helps the crop grow to its full potential. Also the defoliant, used at the end of the growing season to stop the plant growth and prepare the plant for harvest, will be more effective. All of these steps and functions of growing the crop are very costly. The ICIWC (swachh paani) will help reduce that cost to maintain the crop, increase yield and protect the equipment to deliver the water, fertilizer and other nutrients to the plant.

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